Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Reality Show to Find Trump’s Vice President

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Poorly Written Negative Comments About His Show

Jimmy Kimmel Finds a Mess of Californians Who Swear They Voted in New York Primary

Kimmel Hits Megyn Kelly’s Trump Meeting: Now Both Can Get Back to ‘Getting White People Very Angry’

Funny or Sad? Kimmel Finds Out If Americans Know More Avengers or US Presidents

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Star in Kimmel’s Hilarious Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Ted Cruz ‘Jokes’ About Running Over Donald Trump

‘I Didn’t Have Good Looks Or Talent’: Ted Cruz Admits Why His Acting Career Fell Short

Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel Brilliantly Dismantle ‘Mansplaining’

Jimmy Kimmel’s Ad Shows the Not-So-Yuge ‘Differences’ Between Trump and Cruz

Jimmy Kimmel Produces Hilarious Supercut of Donald Trump Loving Things

Jimmy Kimmel Proves That People Have No Idea Who Just Got Nominated to the Supreme Court

You Will Wish Kimmel’s New Reality Show ‘Trumpus Room’ Was Real

Romney Reads Donald Trump Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel, Is Actually Funny

Jimmy Kimmel Closes Out Ben Carson with Hilarious ‘Goodnight, Ben’ Book Parody

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Weirdest Version of ‘Hail to the Chief’ Ever With Trump’s Bizarre Noises

Kimmel Cuts Hilarious ‘Poorly Educated For Donald Trump’ Ad

Third-Grader Does Hilarious Birthday ‘Tribute’ to Sarah Palin on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sean Penn for Supreme Court? Jimmy Kimmel Epically Trolls NH Primary Voters

Bill Maher Rips Into ‘Diabolical’ Ted Cruz: ‘He Knows What to Say to His Dummy Base’

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