Lindsay Graham

Daily News Cover Revolting as Worthless Paper Throws Hail Mary Just to Survive

Which Three Republican Candidates Just Filed Equal Time Requests After Trump’s SNL Gig?

‘No Ma’am’: Lindsey Graham Corrects Someone Who Calls Obama a ‘Traitor’

7 Other Republicans Who Should Exit the Race with Rick Perry

Forget Immigration Reform, Obama Hands GOP’s Ascendant Libertarian Wing A Winning Issue

Jon Stewart Destroys McCain For Hagel, Benghazi Outrage, And Iraq: ‘You Don’t Get To Pull… That Sh*t’

Rachel Maddow Slams GOP’s Unprecedented Hagel Filibuster As ‘A Fresh Hell In American Politics’

Lindsay Graham: Obama Will Have An ‘In Your Face’ Second Term

Lindsay Graham: ‘All Of Us Should Be Fired’ If Congress Doesn’t Have A Plan To Reduce Debt

Lindsey Graham On Fiscal Cliff: ‘Hats Off To The President, He Won’

I’m A Liberal…And I Don’t Believe That Senator John McCain Is A Racist

Jon Stewart Mocks John McCain & Lindsay Graham For Hypocritical Outrage Over Susan Rice

Susan Rice Responds To Criticism Over Benghazi Remarks, Calls McCain’s Comments ‘Unfounded’

Lawrence O’Donnell Tears Into McCain And Lindsay Graham For McCarthy-Like Opposition To Susan Rice

President Obama To Senators Attacking Ambassador Susan Rice: ‘Go After Me.’

Robert Gibbs: ‘Shamelessness’ Of GOP Senators Attacking Obama Over Benghazi ‘Is Startling’

In Public Letter, GOP Senators Won’t Let White House Off Hook For Benghazi

Rachel Maddow: GOP’s Talk Of Constitution Amendment Is Just A Cynical Election Ploy

Senator John Kyl: Illegal Aliens’ Kids Shouldn’t Be Citizens

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