Pretend Army Boys Can’t Play Nice at Bundy Ranch; Factions Splinter over Drone Paranoia

Thou Shalt Not Use Thy Bible as a Weapon: Argument Over 10 Commandments Results in Arrests

Video Shows Teens Stealing Circus Llama, Taking It for Tram Joyride

Pat Robertson Claims He’s Cured Deafness, Tells a Mother: ‘I Don’t Know What You’re Doing Wrong’

New York Times Issues Super Important Correction About Super Mario Bros.

What the…? BBC Anchor Mistakes Ream of Paper for iPad, Rolls With It

‘I Might Come Over There With a Machine Gun!’: Listen to the Most Insane Call Center Meltdown

Spirit Airlines Cashes In On WeinerGate Part Two With Special Vacation ‘Package’…

This Exists: Craigslist Ad Seeks Actors To Roleplay Zimmerman/Trayvon Fight At Birthday Party

Lindsey Graham Says He Would Suggest Censoring The Mail, If He ‘Thought It Necessary’

Pat Robertson’s Advice To Cheating Husband’s Wife: ‘Well, He’s A Man,’ Don’t Focus On The Adultery

Uhhh… What? Former Tenn. Politician Arrested For Masturbating Out Car Window While Going 90 MPH

Pat Robertson: ‘Simple’ Foreigners Have More Miracles Than Us Because They’re Untainted By ‘Secularism’

TV Anchor Uncomfortably Mimics Oral Sex While Demonstrating Power Of Her Vibrating Toothbrush

So… Al Roker And Willie Geist Kissed On Today This Morning

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