Louis Farrakhan

DNC Chair Candidate Keith Ellison Once Called For Separate Country for Black Americans

Keith Ellison Cancels NY Times Interview to Avoid Questions About Louis Farrakhan Ties

Farrakhan Slams Obama for Putting Israel and Gays Ahead of African Americans

Trump Appears to Confuse ‘Radical Islam’ and ‘Nation of Islam’ in Fox Interview

Conservative Lawyer Sues Obama, Black Lives Matter Activists For Inciting ‘Race War’

Louis Farrakhan Praises Trump For Standing Up to ‘Jew­ish Community’

Louis Farrakhan Intends to Boycott Christmas: It’s a ‘Bonanza for White Business’

Louis Farrakhan Wants to See the American Flag Go Down Too

Geraldo to Fox & Friends: Iran’s Peace Overtures Are Genuine

Hannity Unloads On Rep. Keith Ellison, Rips ‘Radical Connections’ To Nation Of Islam

Louis Farrakhan Gives Chuck Hagel The Endorsement He Never Asked For Or Wanted

Mike Huckabee Takes A Victory Lap For ‘Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day’ On Fox & Friends

Bill Maher To Panel: ‘The Problem With Racism Is Matt Drudge’

Debunked: Lie That Derrick Bell Was ‘Fervent Admirer,’ ‘Loved’ New Black Panther Founder

O’Reilly Factor Guest Infuriates Laura Ingraham With Claim That Farrakhan Is A ‘Private Citizen’

Former Derrick Bell Student Sally Kohn To Hannity: ‘You And I Have Hugged, That Doesn’t Mean We Agree!’

Herman Cain Reacts To Louis Farrakhan Claiming The CIA Did 9/11: ‘And I’m Santa Claus’

Louis Farrakhan Warns Racism Could Result In Assassination: ‘They Want A Muslim To Kill President Obama’

Hannity: Farrakhan Comments Link Obama To 2008 Meme Jeremiah Wright… Again

Glenn Beck’s Theory Of Why Obama Won’t Mention Gaddafi By Name

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