Marc Lamont Hill

Rapper Trinidad James, Ben Ferguson Clash over N-Word: You’re ‘Making Money on It!’

Marc Lamont Hill: Cable News Went into ‘Pro-Wrestling Mode’ on Ferguson

Ex-CBS Reporter Eric Engberg Continues Battle with O’Reilly: ‘He’s Completely Nutty!’

Marc Lamont Hill: Protesting for Black Lives Too Important to ‘Take a Day Off’

Concha: Team Clinton Playing It Safe Again by Staying Silent on All Things Ferguson

Watch Chuck Todd React to Uncomfortable Question About David Gregory

CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: I Wasn’t Talking About Fareed Zakaria In My Anti-Plagiarism Tweet

Marc Lamont Hill Refuses to Shake Hand of Apparent Racist at Sports Bar

Marc Lamont Hill, CNN Guest Clash over ‘Pull Your Pants Up’ Challenge

Marc Lamont Hill: Hillary’s Ferguson Remarks ‘Driven by Political Interest’

Kathy Griffin: Fox News Is the ‘Bane of My Existence’

‘Racism Is Not a Major Problem!’ Larry Elder and Marc Lamont Hill Shout at Each Other on CNN

CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: Obama’s Ferguson Statement ‘Ultimately Dangerous’

Marc Lamont Hill: Police Shooting Black Men Is ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Todd Akin Squirms His Way Through Deliciously Awkward HuffPost Live Interview

Marc Lamont Hill Admits He Uses N-Word ‘Promiscuously’ in Private

Is Mark Cuban ‘Racist’? CNN’s Don Lemon and Marc Lamont Hill Hash It Out

Marc Lamont Hill: Bill Maher Is Wrong to Defend Donald Sterling

CNN’s Don Lemon Blasts Sterling: ‘Felt Like I Was Listening to Someone from the 1930s’

Is Partisan Media To Blame For Making Obamacare So Divisive?

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