Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters Hits Back at Tucker Carlson on MSNBC; He Responds Minutes Later on Fox

Maxine Waters: ‘I’m Questioning the Patriotism’ of Republicans Allowing Trump ‘To Side With Putin’

Tucker Carlson Slams Maxine Waters For ‘Pulling Off a Housing Coup’ Amid Her Attacks on HUD Secretary Carson

Maxine Waters Says Ben Carson Doesn’t Care About The Poor: I’m Going To Take His Ass Apart’

‘I’m Confused’: Peter Alexander Challenges Maxine Waters for Saying Hillary Should’ve Fired Comey

WATCH: Maxine Waters Introduce ‘Best Fight Against The System’ at the MTV Movie Awards

Maxine Waters: Evidence of Collusion Between Trump and Russia Could Lead to Impeachment

‘We Need to Keep an Eye on Him’: Maxine Waters Speculates That Chaffetz May Have Kremlin Connections

‘The Millennials Have Joined Me’: Maxine Waters Doubles Down on Refusal to Work With Trump

Maxine Waters Leads Anti-Trump Crowd in ‘Impeach 45’ Chant

‘Stay Woke’: Maxine Waters Shares What She’s Learned From Millennial Fans

Maxine Waters Says That ‘Bill O’Reilly Needs to Go to Jail’

Sharon Stone Has Shared a Spoken Word Tribute to Maxine Waters

Maher: Democrats Get Too Worked Up About ‘Bullsh*t Issues’ Like O’Reilly’s Maxine Waters Joke

O’Reilly Defends Donald Trump While Accusing Maxine Waters of ‘Demagoguery’

‘I’m Not Responding to Him’: Maxine Waters Says O’Reilly Has ‘No Credibility’

They Were ‘Just Doing Their Jobs’: Clinton Defends April Ryan and Maxine Waters in Speech

The Joe Walsh vs. Angela Rye Twitter Battle and Why It’s Especially Noteworthy Today

Calls For Bill O’Reilly to Be Fired Intensify After Maxine Waters Comment

‘I Apologize’: Bill O’Reilly Releases Statement Over ‘Dumb’ Comment On Maxine Waters’ ‘James Brown Wig’

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