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Anthony Scaramucci on Retracted CNN Report: ‘Definitely Frustrating’ But They ‘Moved Pretty Quickly’

Maddow: Why Would Trump Stop the Personal Attacks When He Sees Them as ‘Cost-Free’?

Rep. Jack Bergman Blames the Media for Being ‘Complicit’ in ‘Inciting’ Heated Rhetoric

Bob Woodward: The ‘Thermonuclear War’ Between Trump and the Press Needs to Calm Down

Trump Takes Shot at the Media During Commencement Address: ‘Look at the Way I’ve Been Treated’

On 100th Day in Office, Trump Slams ‘Fake Media’ for Refusing to Cover His Achievements

‘Why Can’t We Just Have the Truth?’: CNN’s Acosta, Breitbart’s Spiering Spar Over Trump Coverage

Jeremy Scahill Slams Fareed Zakaria on CNN: If He Could Have Sex With That Missile Strike, He Would

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Asks Ex-Clinton Campaign Manager How Much They ‘Blame Us’ (The Media) for Loss

Media Critic David Zurawik: Obama’s Actions Against the Press Are Worse Than Trump’s Words So Far

Fox News’ John Roberts: The Press Should ‘Stop Whining’ and Just Do Their Jobs

Chuck Todd Compares Trump Address to CPAC Speech: New Tone, But ‘Exactly the Same’ on Substance

Charlie Sykes on Trump Getting Plaudits for Speech: ‘Almost a Battered Pundit Syndrome Going On’

Maher: Press Needs to ‘Fight to Get Their Reputation Back’ to Be Seen as More Trustworthy than Trump

Krauthammer: ‘The Press Can’t Allow Itself to Be Bullied and I’m Glad It’s Not’

Even Fox’s Eric Bolling Says Trump Press Office Shouldn’t Keep Any News Outlets From Briefings

ABC’s Jon Karl: The Press Isn’t the Enemy, It’s Part of What Makes America Great

‘Facts Are Stubborn Things’: Tapper Confronts Conway for WH Claims on Media Terror Coverage

Shep Smith Rips WH Claim on Media’s Terror Coverage: ‘What They’re Saying Is Not True. Again.’

Spicer on WH Terror List: We’re Reminding People ‘The Earth Is a Very Dangerous Place These Days’

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