Michael Hayden

Michael Hayden On Jared Kushner’s Request to Russians: ‘Ignorance, Chaos, Hubris’

Gen. Michael Hayden: Brennan’s Testimony Gave ‘Legitimacy’ to Russian Collusion Investigation

Former NSA Director: Sally Yates’ Visit to WH Counsel Suggests ‘Chaos in the Trump White House’

Ex-CIA Director Hayden on GCHQ Surveillance Claim: ‘I’m Trying to Suppress a Laugh Here’

Michael Hayden on Gov’t Leaks: Millennials Are ‘Culturally’ Different on Secrecy Issues

Former CIA Director: I Believe ‘WikiLeaks is Acting as an Arm, as an Agent, of the Russian Federation’

Michael Hayden Defends CIA Amid WikiLeaks Dump: Some Bad Guys Have Samsung TVs

‘Let Me Go Very, Very Dark on You’: Michael Hayden Speculates About Trump Wiretapping Claims

‘It Felt Like Our Stuff’: Ex-CIA Director Describes How Intel Community Views Russia Dossier

Former Bush CIA Director: Trump Executive Order ‘Inarguably Has Made Us Less Safe’

Former CIA Director Under George W. Bush Labels Hannity ‘True Propagandist’

Reporter Asks Clinton Whether Terror Attacks Were Secret Russian Plot to Get Trump Elected

Ex-CIA Head on Trump Guns Remark: Anyone Else Who Said That Would Be in a Police Wagon Now

50 Top Republican National Security Experts Pen Open Letter Denouncing Trump

Ex-CIA Director Hayden: Trump’s Rhetoric Is ‘Feeding’ ISIS Recruitment

Former CIA Director: Obama Thinks Brussels Attack Was ‘Not That Big a Deal’

Maher on Apple: ‘Having Your Pictures Safe Wouldn’t Really Stack Up to Being Killed’

Bush CIA Chief: Taking Action on Pre-9/11 Warnings Wouldn’t Have Been ‘Politically Acceptable’

Former CIA Director Compares ISIS Airstrikes to Casual Sex on Morning Joe

Former NSA Director: Phone Data Collection Will Probably End Soon

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