Mo Brooks

Republican’s Election Ad Invokes GOP Baseball Shooting; Scalise Chief-of-Staff Blasts as Stomach Turning

Scalise ‘Dragging His Body’ to Escape: Mo Brooks Gives Harrowing Account of Shooting

GOP Rep. Responds to Chelsea Clinton: Maybe She Wants to Run for Office to ‘Do Better Than Her Mommy’

‘Deport the Illegal Aliens’: GOP Rep. Presents Solution to Make Healthcare More Affordable

‘This Bill is a Lump of Coal’: GOP Congressman Rips ‘Disastrous’ Republican Healthcare Bill

WaPo Fact-Checker Responds After GOP Rep. Slams the Paper’s ‘Fake News’

Mo Brooks: Democrats Accusing Jeff Sessions of Racism Are Waging ‘War on Whites’

GOP Rep.: Can We ‘Name One Voter’ Who Changed Their Mind as a Result of Russian Interference?

Alabama Rep Says Muslims in US Would ‘Kill Every Homosexual’ If They Could

GOP Rep. Won’t Endorse Trump Because He’s ‘Serial Adulterer’

GOP Congressman: Obama Is America’s Most ‘Racially Divisive’ President Since Civil War

The One Law Democrats Could Write to End Gun Violence

Republican Congressman Tells Chris Hayes Law-Abiding Gun Owners Pose ‘Risk’

GOP Congressman Brooks: Syrian Refugees Only Want a ‘Paid Vacation’ in America

Meet the Republican Congressman Already Planning Hillary Clinton’s Impeachment

GOP Rep.: Obama Won’t Say ‘Radical Islam’ Because He Went to Muslim School

GOP Rep. Mo Brooks Connects Measles Outbreak to ‘Illegal Alien Children’

GOP Rep. Brooks: Should’ve Been Citizen’s Arrest of Undocumented Immigrant at SOTU

Hayes Grills GOP Rep Who Suggested Obama Could Face Jail Time over Immigration

GOPer Stands by ‘War on Whites’: It’s Acceptable to Discriminate Against Whites Now

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