New Rules

Maher Slams Liberals For Being So PC They Don’t Notice They’re Losing and ‘Getting F*cked in the Ass’

Bill Maher Weirdly Warns That ‘The Transgendered’ Could Help Donald Trump Win

Bill Maher Jokes There Should Be a ‘Mass Shooting At the Country Music Awards’

Maher’s Holiday Goodbye: ‘[Republicans] Hate Everything About Christmas’

Bill Maher’s New Rule: Republicans Have To Stop Calling OWS Protestors ‘Hippies’

Bill Maher Makes His Own ‘It Gets Better’ Spot To Get Americans To ‘Come Out’ For Socialism

Bill Maher On Michelle Obama Food Backlash: ‘When Did The Right Wing Become Joe Pesci?’

Bill Maher Seduces Female Voters As Obama Alter-Ego ‘Barry Whitehouse’

Bill Maher Thinks The Government Would Work Better If It Was Run By Apple

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