Real Time with Bill Maher

Maher on Trump Confirming He’s Under Investigation: ‘Like Watergate if Deep Throat Was Nixon’

Maher Goes After Jared Kushner: If He’s Going to Run So Many Things, ‘He Must Speak’

Bill Maher: Kathy Griffin ‘Owes Me a Fruit Basket for Getting Her Off the Front Page’

Bill Maher Wants to Have Milo Yiannopoulos Back on Real Time

‘I Regret the Word I Used’: Bill Maher Apologizes for Using N-Word

Ben Sasse’s Mea Culpa to Maher N-Word Flap: ‘Cringing Last Night Wasn’t Good Enough’

Bill Maher: Doesn’t It Help Trump If Hillary Continues to Be So Visible?

‘His Scalp Might Be Good For Free Speech’: Twitter Reacts to Maher Dropping the N-Word

Bill Maher Goes Off On Superhero Movies, Blames Them for the Election of the ‘Orange Sphincter’

Bill Maher Makes a Bet with Boris Epshteyn That Trump ‘Is Out by Christmas’

Maher on Macron Hacking Attack: ‘Very Hard to Slander a Guy Who Married His Mom’

Bill Maher: ‘Liberals Need to Stop Trying to Win Over Trump Voters With Facts’

Bill Maher Snarks About O’Reilly’s Scandal: ‘Fox News Hired A Black Woman!?’

‘You’re Welcome’: Bill Maher Says Milo’s Real Time Interview Led to His Downfall

Bill Maher Will Interview Milo Yiannopoulos This Week on Real Time

J.K. Rowling Rips Into the ‘Fact-Free, Amoral, Bigotry-Apologism of Celebrity Toady’ Piers Morgan

Bill Maher’s Latest New Rule Asks ‘Can We Please Fall in Love With Knowledge Again?’

‘When I Said it, They F*cking Threw Me Off ABC!’: Maher on Trump Saying America’s Not So Innocent

‘F*ck Off!’: Comedian Jim Jefferies Tears Into Piers Morgan for Saying ‘There’s No Muslim Ban’

‘Take a Massive Gigantic Chill Pill’ Over Trump: Piers Morgan Battles Maher as Panel Goes Off the Rails

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