‘Retard’-Baiting Conservative Comedian Steven Crowder Mocks Rachel Jeantel And Learning-Disabled People

Michelle Malkin Slams Coulter For Calling Obama ‘Retard’: ‘What A Stupid, Shallow Thing To Say’

Ann Coulter: ‘I Highly Approve Of Romney’s Decision To Be Kind And Gentle To The Retard’

Sarah Palin Apparently Prefers N-Word to ‘Retard’

Fox News Panel Bashes Fellow Fox News Employee Sarah Palin

Andy Samberg’s Rahm Emanuel Drops F-Bombs All Over Sarah Palin On SNL

Keith Olbermann Sticks Fork In Sarah Palin

Retardgate II: Palin Camp Responds To Limbaugh’s Use Of “Retard”

Retardgate: Sarah Palin May Have To Fire The Entire World

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