Rick Tyler

GOP Strategist Pans Jill Stein Recount Effort as ‘Largest List Build the Green Party Has Ever Had’

Tennessee Candidate Faces Backlash Over His ‘Make America White Again’ Sign

Guest On Maher Gets Booed Talking About Anita Hill: ‘I Still Think She’s Lying’

Former Cruz Spox Rick Tyler Speaks Out on MSNBC in First Interview Since Firing

Fired Cruz Spokesman Rick Tyler Joins MSNBC

Rubio Camp Pounces on Cruz Spox Firing: Cruz ‘Willing to Do or Say Anything’

Ted Cruz Fires Campaign Spokesman Rick Tyler

Cruz Spokesman Apologizes to Marco Rubio After Pushing False Story

Once Again, Cruz Campaign Caught Pushing Fake Smear of Rubio

Cruz Spokesman Struggles to Explain Candidate’s Past Support for Trump

Cruz Responds to Trump ‘Fraud’ Accusation: ‘There Are Twitter Addiction Therapy Groups’

Cruz Spokesman: By Endorsing Trump, Sarah Palin Is Only Hurting Herself

Cruz Spox Is Really Confused by Trump’s Veiled ‘Evangelicals from Cuba’ Attack

MSNBC Guest Points Out Hypocrisy of Blasting Phil Robertson After MSNBC Fired Several Personalities

GOP Consultant Accuses Karl Rove Of Lying About Claim He Made No Money At SuperPAC

Harris-Perry Confronts Akin Adviser: How Could You Join Campaign After Akin’s Rape Comments?

Akin Advisor Slams The GOP: ‘There Will Be A Revolution In The Republican Party’ If Akin, Romney Lose

MSNBC Panel Debate On ‘American Empire’ Descends Into Screaming Match

Both Parties Wrong On Voter Fraud: Voter ID Laws Won’t End Endemic Practice Of Absentee Ballot Stuffing

Ed Schultz, GOP Strategist Clash Over Implications Of Romney’s Bain, Tax Return Woes

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