Steve Schmidt

Steve Schmidt On Real Time: It’s Difficult To Get People To Work For GOP Because Of Their Anti-Gay Stance

Bill Maher And Panel Go After CPAC For Rejecting Chris Christie In Favor Of Gingrich And Palin

Republican MSNBC Contributor: CPAC ‘Is The Star Wars Bar Scene Of The Conservative Movement’

All Smiles At MSNBC As Obama Victory Appears Imminent

Rev. Al Sharpton The Lone Voice Of Reason In MSNBC Debate Panel That Lost All Perspective

MSNBC Co-Hosts Slam Romney Campaign For Racially-Charged Welfare Attacks On Obama

Al Sharpton And Ed Schultz Blast Clint Eastwood For ‘Belittling’ And ‘Demeaning’ President Obama

Al Sharpton: GOP Rigidity On States’ Rights Resulting In ’21st Century Version Of The Civil War’

McCain: I Chose Palin Because She Was The Better Candidate, Not Because Of Romney’s Tax Returns

Upcoming Marco Rubio Book Shows How Grandfather’s ‘Immigration Hell’ Impacts Rubio’s Take On Immigration

McCain Staffers Sought To ‘Shield’ Steve Schmidt’s Reputation Days Before ’08 Election

Meghan McCain Slams Her Father’s Advisors Over Game Change Comments

Chris Matthews Compares Romney To African Colonialists

Former McCain Strategist Steve Schmidt On Game Change: Notion Of Palin Being President Frightens Me

Howard Kurtz Confronts Writer & Director Of Game Change About Film’s Accuracy

Lawrence O’Donnell: Perry’s ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Comments Could Lose Him The Election

Former McCain Campaign Chair Steve Schmidt Evaluates 2012 GOP Field As ‘Mosaic Of Nonsense’

McCain ’08 Adviser Steve Schmidt Decries ‘Mosaic Of Nonsense’ In 2012 GOP Pool

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