‘I Might Depart Early’: Rep. Jason Chaffetz Considering Leaving Congress

Jason Chaffetz: Low Income Americans Should Buy Healthcare ‘Rather Than Getting That New iPhone’

Jason Chaffetz Claims Angry Town Hall Attendees Were Paid ‘To Bully and Intimidate’

‘Do Your Job!’: GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Faces Rowdy Audience at Town Hall

Sending a Senator an Unsolicited Pizza to Get Their Attention is a Bad Idea, Even if it Works

WATCH: Two-Year-Old Saves Twin by Pushing Fallen Dresser Off Of Him

White Nationalist Sponsors Utah Robocalls Telling Voters Evan McMullin Is ‘Closet Homosexual’

Republican Who Called On Trump To Drop Out and Compared Him To Mussolini Now Voting For Him

Evan McMullin Owns Smug CNBC Hosts Who Pronounce He’s on Air ‘Not Because We Think You Can Eventually Win’

Third-Party Candidate Evan McMullin in Statistical Tie with Clinton, Trump in Utah

To Win Over Utahans, Trump Repeats 4-Year-Old ‘Democrats Booed God’ Lie in Deseret Op-Ed

Utah Lt. Governor Apologizes for Anti-LGBT Past During Orlando Vigil

Larry Flynt’s Response to Anti-Porn Resolution: Free Hustler for All Utah Legislators

Oops: MSNBC Reporter Admits to Network’s Softball Questions to ‘Keep Relationship’ With Trump

Did This Civics Teacher Ask Her Students to Create Terror Propaganda Posters? Hint: Yes

Utah Judge Reportedly Reverses Decision to Take Baby Away From Lesbian Parents

Utah Judge Orders Removal of Baby From Lesbian Foster Parents

White Teen with Dreadlocks Claims School Dress Code Is Racist

University Sets Up ‘Texting Lane’ for Students on Staircase

This Man Was Seriously Underdressed for Unexpected Meeting with Obama

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