Tucker Carlson Accuses Don Lemon of Moving ‘Boundary Markers’ in Wiretapping Coverage

Trump Claims His Wiretapping Accusation ‘Is Turning Out to be True’

Judge Andrew Napolitano Stands by British Surveillance Report in Return to Fox News

Don’t Buy Into Trump’s Plug of ‘Stunning’ Revelations on Judge Jeanine’s Show

Justice Napolitano?: Fox Judicial Analyst Insists ‘Trump Said I’m On the List’

Trump Plugs Fox’s Jeanine Pirro in Anticipation of ‘Stunning New Details’ Over Wiretapping

WSJ Editorial: Trump Has a Credibility Problem, Most Americans ‘May Conclude He’s a Fake President’

Cooper Sasses Jeffrey Lord in Feisty Panel: ‘You’re Smarter Than That … Come on Jeffrey’

O’Reilly: Trump Would Be Wise to ‘Embrace Only Facts’ in the Future

ABC’s Jon Karl Asks Trump ‘Were You Wrong About the Wiretapping?’

The Comey Hearing Exposed Abject Hypocrisy On All Sides

‘This Hearing SUCKS for Trump’: Twitter Reacts to Comey’s Testimony on Wiretaps, Russia Investigation

‘I Have No Information That Supports Those Tweets’: Comey Shoots Down Trump’s ‘Wiretapping’ Claims

WATCH LIVE: House Intel Committee Holds Hearing on Trump’s Wiretap Claims, Alleged Russian Collusion

Chris Matthews: ‘Anything Saturday Night Live Can Do, Trump Proved This Afternoon He Can Do Worse’

CNN: DOJ Report Doesn’t Corroborate Trump’s Wiretapping Claim

Chuck Todd: ‘This Administration Is Struggling from a Crisis of Credibility’

Joe Scarborough Praises Fox’s Shep Smith for Response to Trump: ‘Shep Kicks Ass’

Tapper: Is There Anyone in White House Who Can Tell Trump to ‘Stop with the Conspiracy Theories’?

‘No Apology Made’: CNN’s Borger Slams Trump for Shifting Blame on Wiretap Claim to Fox

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