Meet the ‘Progressive Liberal,’ the Wrestling Villain Riling Up Red State America

WATCH: Rob Gronkowski Rushes Ring at Wrestlemania, Does Wrestling to Wrestler

WATCH: This Kid Wants Zero Part of This Wrestling Match, Goes to Hilarious Lengths to Avoid it

Watch 67-Year-Old Ric Flair Deadlift 400 lbs. and Feel Super Guilty About Your Broken Resolutions

Columbia Univ. Suspends Wrestling Season After Discovery of Racist, Sexist, and Homophobic Texts

Mexican Wrestlers Bodyslam ‘Scoundrel’ Trump: ‘Tell Him to Go F*** His Mother’

WWE Wrestler Wins Republican Nomination for Michigan State House Seat

Jon Stewart Kicks Seth Rollins Right in the Balls on WWE Monday Night Raw

WATCH: Officer Busts Professor Jaywalking, Wrestles Her to the Ground

Wrestler ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Goes Off on Anti-Gay ‘Horsesh*t’

#CancelNancyGrace: Wrestling Fans Blast Nancy Grace for Coverage of Ultimate Warrior’s Death

Horrified High Schoolers Capture Video of Teacher Fighting with Student

Michael Smerconish Kicks Off CNN Show by Railing Against Partisan Cable News

WWE Invites Glenn Beck On Monday Night RAW To Address ‘Tea Party Villain’ Controversy — Did He Accept?

Summerslam! Biggest Cable News Personalities Meet Their Professional Wrestling Look-Alikes!

Think You’ve Seen It All? Watch Weirdest Wrestling Clip Ever (Thank Us Later)

Vince McMahon Helps Wife’s Campaign By Emptying His Colon On Blumenthal Sign In WWE Skit

Fox And Friends‘ Brian Kilmeade Takes On UFC Champ In Cage Fight

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