Anderson Cooper Delivers Powerfully Sarcastic Takedown of Pat Robertson

Anderson Cooper used his Ridiculist segment on Wednesday to go after Pat Robertson for his recent comments saying gay people have “AIDS rings” that… um… well, even CBN couldn’t deal with that insanity. Cooper admitted he tries to avoid mentioning Robertson and his “nonsensical” musings whenever he can, but this was clearly too much for him. He showed viewers some of Robertson’s greatest hits, while sarcastically musing on his clearly well-thought-out opinions on gay issues.

Cooper was stunned to hear about these so-called “AIDS rings,” but it did clear up one thing for him. He said, “I totally get why Pat Robertson is against same-sex marriage, he just doesn’t want to give gay men a reason to wear rings.”

Cooper also pointed out how Robertson quickly backpedaled a little on what he said, which Cooper found surprising, because normally his “thought on gay issues are very well-thought-out and very well-articulated.” He then proceeded to show clip after clip deflating that point, including Robertson telling a woman concerned about her cheating husband to deal with it.

Cooper concluded:

“Thank you, Pat Robertson. You are a true crusader. And we definitely didn’t consider just permanently changing this segment to the Pat Robertson list, although it does have a certain ring to it.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:


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