Colbert Previews Fox News’ ‘Explosive’ Coverage Of Benghazi Hearings: ‘The Taco Bell Of Breaking News’

Colbert Previews Fox's 'Explosive' Coverage Of Benghazi Hearings: 'The Taco Bell Of Breaking News'

Ahead of today’s House Congressional hearing on the Benghazi attack, Stephen Colbert took a head-first dive into Fox News’ speculative coverage of what that network has been promising will be “explosive” revelations.

Since the attack first happened last September, Colbert reported, Fox has been “doggedly” pursuing the investigation to uncover “how the administration blew it, when they blew it, why they blew it, and how they will continue to have blown it.” The host also marveled at the fact the car used in shot after shot on Fox appears to still be on fire. “I mean, it’s been eight months,” he said. “For God sake, the Maccabees’ oil only lasted eight days.”

After playing a montage of Fox contributors telling their viewers just how “explosive” the whistleblowers’ testimony will be, Colbert declared, “this is the best possible kind of political story: we have no idea what’s in it and it’s going to be explosive. It’s the Taco Bell of breaking news!”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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