Fox Host: If Obama Learns About Crises from the News, He Should Watch More Fox

On Tuesday afternoon, Outnumbered cohost Harris Faulkner advised President Barack Obama to change his television station to be better informed about coming crises of his own administration.

“Why is there no foresight?” co-host Kennedy asked. “Why isn’t Obama standing on top of the White House with binoculars, looking for the next crisis? Why does he learn about these things on the news, and after just a few months, why is anyone surprised by this?”

“What is he watching anyway?” Faulkner said. “Because if he really is learning about this from the news and he’s watching Fox as much as he says he is, then he would know what the crisis is, and at least how to get to the border.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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