You Know You Love Them: Gossip Girl Cast Matched With Their Media Mates

Anderson Cooper: Nate Archibald


He’s the flawless one with the pretty smile and innocent eyes. He can be soft-spoken, but it’s exhilarating when he stands up for himself. And, oh yeah, his mother has claim to the Vanderbilt fortune, though sometimes the pressures of an impeccable pedigree can be a burden for a single man. It’s uncanny, really, how much of Gossip Girl stud Nate Archibald’s life mirrors that of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper — they’re golden boys, with prodigal airs. And when his own immaculate locks begin to fade, we think Nate will be able to pull of sliver hair just fine.

Ezra Klein: Aaron Rose



Ezra Klein currently sits atop our power grid rankings as the #1 print/online reporter, but his Gossip twin, the artist Aaron Rose, was decidedly less popular. Still, they’re wunderkinder in their own rights — Klein as the 25-year-old Washington Post star blogger and Serena’s one-time boyfriend Aaron as a successful young artist. We’ll put our money on Klein, though, when it comes to staying power.

Maria Bartiromo: Vanessa Abrams



There’s nothing like a Brooklyn girl! These two are New York City through and through, with Abrams as the ambitious Gossip Girl outsider, an aspiring director gunning for NYU film school, more interested in handycams than Derek Lam. Bartiromo, an NYU alum, is a CNBC anchor and host of the Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo, but doesn’t have the same notoriety as some of her female counterparts. Don’t underestimate either, though — they’re smart, scrappy and seem to ultimately get what they want.

Oprah Winfrey: Dorota Kishlovsky


What can we say? These women are everyone’s favorites! And never underestimate the influence they have behind the scenes. As a media puppet master, Oprah’s influence matches Dorota’s — almost omnipresent and all-knowing — albeit on a much larger scale. Both Dorota and Oprah are savvy, kind and ultimately selfless, often working for a greater good (even if Dorota answers only to Ms. Blair). And when they disapprove? Look out, because they’ll call you out.

Perez Hilton: Gossip Girl


Ah, the little website that started it all. Chronicling the lives of the fabulous — and embarrassing them without shame — is a singular objective for Gossip Girl, and her real-life counterpart Perez Hilton. Often on the receiving end of the elite’s ire, both webmasters also have a curious power over their self-obsessed subjects, who all need the site to function until they turn up in its pages. That’s the gamble of an ultra-connected world with the anonymity the internet provides, but everyone reads it — that’s for sure. And we can just imagine Perez borrowing Gossip Girl’s infamous boast: “You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.”

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