Gov. Christie Scolds Reporter; Camera Problems Ensue, Shep Smith Mocks

Governor Chris Christie got aggressive today in the middle of his big press conference with a reporter and scolded him for a question that’s “beneath the job you hold,” but as Christie spoke, one of the cameramen in attendance could not be kept away by Christie’s bluster and began to noticeably doze off.

Christie got frustrated with one reporter and let loose on him. He said, “I don’t know whether you can’t take notes or you’re not listening, but for you to characterize my last answer as ‘I didn’t want to ask her ‘cause I didn’t want to know’ is so awful that it’s beneath the job you hold.”

He kept going on, insisting he weighed the benefits and costs of talking to Bridget Kelly very thoroughly, when one of the cameras began to dip ever-so-slightly until Christie’s head was completely out of frame.

Shepard Smith quickly deadpanned, “It appears that the photographer has fallen asleep or that the governor has lost his head.”

[photo via screengrab]

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