Harvey Weinstein: Gun Control Died in Congress Because NRA ‘Infiltrates the System’

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein appeared on Piers Morgan‘s show Friday night, and amidst the discussion of his proposed movie taking on the NRA that he’s gotten some flak for, he took on the NRA directly, saying their lobbying efforts have effectively killed any kind of meaningful gun control.

Weinstein told Morgan it’s fair to “judge someone’s mental capacity” and make sure “you’re of sound body and mind” before you get a gun. He praised President Obama‘s efforts to get gun control passed, blaming its failures on “a Congress that’s stalled,” and the NRA, which “infiltrates the system” and furiously lobbies members of Congress every time it takes up gun control of any kind.

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He said of Obama, “Obama’s a hero, it’s just when you face an enemy like that, you can’t move. It’s like quicksand in Washington.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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