Ingraham: Liberal Women Have ‘Bad Case of the Vapors’ over Hobby Lobby Ruling

On Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham mocked the left’s reaction to yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling allowing closely held corporations to opt out of a requirement that contraception be offered as a preventative service in employer-provided health plans, saying women had gotten a “really bad case of the vapors” over the ruling.

“They’re doing so only for political reasons,” Ingraham alleged. “The idea that there is no way for these women to get the very small class of abortifacient drugs and other contraceptives that Hobby Lobby, on sincere religious grounds, believes violates their conscience is ridiculous. The left knows it, Hillary [Clinton] knows it. This is a cynical game they’re playing…They’re trying to use this to gin up their old Sandra Fluke deal.”

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Ingraham also claimed that liberal groups so prized abortion and contraception that they saw the issues as taking precedence over the Constitution, which to them was an antiquated document.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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