Larry King Hits ‘Dramatic,’ ‘Tabloidish’ Cable News, Is ‘Troubled’ By CNN’s Opinionated Programming

In an interview with Salon, Larry King chatted about his web series, Larry King Now, as well as his old stomping ground, CNN. Asked about the increase in the network’s opinionated programming, King said he wasn’t a fan.

“It does trouble me. I am not a fan of it,” King said, recalling the good ole’ days when “guests were not a prop.” Nowadays, he said the hosts get more screen time than their guests — part of what makes today’s cable news landscape “not to my taste.” Which is not to say it’s wrong, King added, but appears to be what the public likes.

With that, Salon turned to Piers Morgan, whose show King previously said “is a lot about him.” (Morgan fired back, telling him to “button it.”) King offered a similar answer, noting the degree to which Morgan talks about himself — a lot of “I’s.”

“I don’t like people who shout at each other,” King said. “I realize it’s dramatic, but it’s not my cup of tea. I like him, but that kind of broadcast is not the kind of broadcasting that I dig. That’s tabloidish to me. I don’t mean this as a critique.”

As for Zucker’s revamping the network, King had praise for new hires Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper (both formerly of ABC News). Noting he’s under contract until the end of June, King touted Zucker’s creativity.

Read the full interview here.

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