Rove to Hillary: If You Don’t Like My Brain Damage Remark, Take It Up with Bill

Karl Rove didn’t much care for Hillary Clinton‘s recent comments about him, and said she’s still clearly annoyed about his “brain damage” remarks. Well, Rove said, if she’s still so upset at him over it, she should take it up with her husband.

Why? Because, as Rove said, Bill Clinton “went out and declared to the country something we didn’t know, that this health incident was so serious that she had to spend six months of really hard work to overcome the aftereffect of it.” Clinton did say earlier this year it took his wife six years to get over the concussion she suffered.

And Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Rove’s raising questions about her health, to Rove, shows that Clinton is “antagonistic towards the press and she has a very think skin and she will abide no criticism.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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