WATCH: Dramatic Video of Deadly Police Shootout on Busy Highway

Dashcam video has emerged of an incredibly tense August police shootout that left a suspect dead after being pulled over for speeding on a busy highway.

What seems like a normal traffic stop quickly goes awry when the driver exits his vehicle and stands next to the door, staring blankly at an Oregon State Police officer who shouted at him to get back into the car. Repeatedly asking why he was pulled over, the officer explains that he was speeding, all while continuing to plea with the man to return to his driver’s seat.

Eventually the standoff becomes violent when the man takes a few steps forward, draws his weapon and begins firing upon the officer. Although the video doesn’t show any graphic details, the man was apparently hit in the chest with a bullet but managed to get back into his car and speed off.

Half a mile down the road, police found him dead in his car from that gunshot wound. He had three children in the car with him — all of them walked away unhurt.

Watch below, via CNN:

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