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Judge Pirro Threatens to Yank Chris Hahn’s Mic After He Brings Up Trump’s ‘Miserable’ Midterm Defeat

Billy Eichner Encourages Young People to Vote at the AMAs: ‘The Biggest Election of Our Lifetime Is Happening’

Durbin Challenges Kavanaugh to Turn to Don McGahn and Demand FBI Investigation: ‘Why Would You Resist?’

Judge Pirro Gets Riled Up Over Dem Response to Kavanaugh Accuser: They’re ‘Being Disgraceful’

Candace Owens Clashes With Fox News Guest Who Questioned Confrontation: Antifa ‘Knows Who We Are’

Fox Guest Suggests Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens Organized Antifa Altercation: ‘I’m Suspicious of This’

Matt Schlapp on Trump-Cohen Tape: ‘Donald Trump Lived a Very Extravagant Life’

Fox News Panel Explodes Over ‘Civic Chaos’: Sorry About Dershowitz But ‘People are Dying Because of Right-Wing Violence’

Fox News Panel Explodes Over Whether or Not Michael Cohen Will Flip: ‘Don’t Embarrass Yourself!’

Laura Ingraham: Half of the ‘Liberal Elites’ Would Be Okay With Nuclear War If It Means Trump Fails

Fox News Panel Devolves into Chaos Over Russian Probe: ‘Do I Need to Send You a Copy of Schoolhouse Rock?’

Jeanine Pirro Cuts Off Guest’s Mic After He Accuses Another of Being Owned by the NRA in Heated Gun Debate

Televangelist Jim Bakker Warns Critics: God Will Punish You For Making Fun of Me!

Following Bannon Departure, New Reports Say Sebastian Gorka Could Be Out Soon Too

Top Chef Season 14 Episode 2 Recap: ‘Southern Hospitality’

Top Chef Season 14 Premiere Recap: ‘Something Old, Something New’

Here’s Why the Democrats’ Gun Control Sit-In Isn’t Being Broadcast on C-SPAN

Breitbart Attacks Paul Ryan for Sending His Kids to a Catholic School

Check Out (Also Known as Trump’s Twitter Account)

Conservative GOP Congressman Reportedly Trashes Breitbart, Calls Them ‘Not Truthful’

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