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Never Has The Media So Staunchly Defended A Catholic Like They Have Pope Francis

Ben Shapiro Blasts NYT For ‘Protecting’ Pope Francis Amid Abuse Scandal

Gay Man Says Pope Francis Told Him His Sexuality ‘Does Not Matter’ to God: He ‘Loves You Like That’

Pope Francis Decries Fake News: Disinformation Caused Adam and Eve’s First Sin

Pope Francis Condemns ‘Fake News’: Media Bias is a ‘Very Serious Sin’

WATCH: Pope Francis Sustains Black Eye After Popemobile Stops Short

At Long Last, Sean Spicer Gets to Meet Pope Francis

Forgive Me Father? Bill O’Reilly Meets Pope Francis Amid Reports of His Ousting

Teen Admits in Court to Plot to Assassinate Pope Francis

Pope Francis Stresses ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy on Sexual Abuse in Letter to Bishops

‘It is a Sin and It is Hurtful’: Pope Francis Warns Media About Spreading Fake News

So Much For Smashing That Stained-Glass Ceiling: Pope Francis Says Women Will Never Be Priests

Pope Francis: Gossipy, Untruthful Reporting Is a Form of Terrorism

Pope Francis Is Taking Homeless People to the Beach and Out For Pizza This Summer

Wait, What? AP Reports That ‘Cardinal Karl Marx’ Is a Top Pope Francis Advisor

Pope Francis Comes Under Heavy Criticism for Comments on ‘Null’ Marriages

Bernie Sanders Responds to Joe Biden Remarks About His Meeting with Pope Francis

Bernie Sanders Reportedly Had a Brief Meeting With Pope Francis

‘Anti-Christ’: NY Daily News Burns Trump with Flaming Cover Over Pope Francis Fight

SHOCKER: Joe Scarborough Sides With Trump in Pope Francis Feud

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