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Old Trump Tweets About Attacking Syria Were a Prescient Message to His Future Self

Trump Defends O’Reilly in New York Times Interview: ‘He is a Good Person’

In Confirming Kushner Trip to Iraq, White House Breached Protocol

Melania Trump Receives Official First Lady Portrait

South Carolina Women Triumph Over Mississippi State, Claim First National Title

Trump Claims His Wiretapping Accusation ‘Is Turning Out to be True’

Clinton Jabs Trump in Speech at Georgetown: ‘There I Go Again Talking About Facts’

‘I Cast Detect Lie on Climate Scientists’: Twitter Trolls GOP with Dungeons and Dragons-Themed Hashtag

This Polish Dude Pranks Millions with Fake Ellen Interview For Some Reason

General Mills’ Bee-Boosting Battle Badly Backfires

Senate Passes Bill That Will Loosen Internet Privacy Rules

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: The ‘Presidency Effectively Ended’ After Bill Pull

Oversight Committee Requests All Documents on Michael Flynn’s Foreign Contacts and Payments

US & UK Bans Electronic Devices on Flights from 6 Countries

My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star

‘It’s Morphin’ Time: Ex-Power Ranger Pleads Guilty to Stabbing Roommate, May Face 6 Years in Prison

Oklahoma State Senator Found With Young Boy, May Face Prostitution Charges

Report: Michael Flynn Paid Tens of Thousands of Dollars by Russian Companies in 2015

Kansas Senator Equates Planned Parenthood Donation to Being Associated with Nazi Death Camp

GOP Rep. Steve King Responds to Tweet Backlash, Calls Reactions ‘Willfully Ignorant’

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