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Is This Louise Mensch Tweet Comparing The Bernie Sanders Campaign to 9/11 Her Worst Yet?

McCabe Filing Civil Lawsuit Against Justice Department: I Was Fired Because of Trump Investigation

Kanye West Producer Rips ‘Moron’ Jesse Watters For Segment on Liberals: ‘Shut Your Mouth’

Robin Roberts Addresses Smollett Interview: At the Time, Police Called His Account ‘Credible’

Andrew McCabe on Ordering Trump Investigations: I Thought He May Have Won ‘With Aid of Russia’

Jake Tapper Ruins Trump Rebuke of Omar By ‘Accidentally’ Airing All of His Own Anti-Semitic Moments

Did Kamala Harris Lie About Listening to Snoop Dogg and Tupac While Smoking Weed?

Trump Ally Tom Barrack Defends Khashoggi Murder: ‘Atrocities in America are Equal, or Worse’ Than Saudi Arabia

Cuomo Asks Why Trump’s Bigotry is Treated Differently Than Ilhan Omar’s: Is It Because She’s Muslim?

Fox News’ Shepard Smith Shuts Down Trump’s Claim He’s Building the Wall: ‘Simply Not True’

Trump vs. Beto: Who Has the Bigger… Crowd?

Ex-Trump Aide Cliff Sims Explains Why He’s Suing President: ‘I Was Backed Into a Corner’

Jesse Watters: Republicans Now Have ‘Get Out of Jail Free Cards’ Because of Racism From Virginia Dems

Fox News Host Hits ‘Sexist Feel’ to Criticism of Dem Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Brit Hume Suggests Trump is Too Ignorant to Have Made Joke About Native American Genocide

Trump Quotes Inane Media Criticism From Fox News Host Jesse Watters: ‘So True!’

Dem Congressman Condemns Colleague Rep. Ilhan Omar For ‘Hateful and Offensive Tropes’

Steve Schmidt Storms Off His Own Podcast Over Questions on Howard Schultz: ‘This is Bullsh*t’

Stelter Grills Ex-NYT Editor Jill Abramson Over Plagiarism: ‘That’s Word for Word Stealing Other Peoples’ Work’

CNN’s State of the Union Blows Up Over Northam and Racism: ‘This is Not About President Donald Trump!’

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