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Scarborough: Steve Bannon Looking Chubbier Because Mercers ‘Are Shoving Money in his Pocket’

Bill Kristol and Ed Martin Get Testy Over Russia Probe: ‘Such a Fake Talking Point!’

McCain Unloads on Steve Doocy’s Son: ‘Why Would You Say Something That Stupid?’

Trump Suggests Obama Never Called Gen. Kelly After His Son Died in Afghanistan

NYC Council Speaker Calls Out Trump for ‘Sadistic’ and ‘Sociopathic’ PR Response

Morning Joe Shreds Trump’s False Obama Claims: ‘It’s Just Gross’ and ‘Rock Bottom’

NBC Reportedly Tracked Down and Fired Producer Who Leaked Lawrence O’Donnell Meltdown

Trump Takes Aim at Chuck Schumer Over Iran Deal: ‘Tell That to Israel, Chuck!’

Hillary Clinton Slams Julian Assange: ‘Nihilistic Opportunist’ Who ‘Does ‘Bidding of a Dictator’

Morning Joe Rips Trump for Puerto Rico Response: ‘This is a National Disgrace’

WATCH: Trump Delivers Remarks on Iran Strategy LIVE STREAM

Scarborough Ridicules Ryan Zinke as One of the ‘Tiny Dictators’ in Trump Admin

Ainsley Earhardt: Clinton’s Staffers Told Me Not Appearing on Fox & Friends ‘Was One of Her Biggest Mistakes’

Donny Deutsch Mocks Trump for Retweeting ‘Irrelevant’ O’Reilly, Notes ‘Sexual Harassment Suits’

Fmr. Governor of Puerto Rico Slams Trump on MSNBC: ‘He is Just Racist’

Watch Trump Forget to Sign Health Care Executive Order at Executive Order Signing

WATCH: Trump Signs Executive Order on Health Care LIVE STREAM

Morning Joe Rips Trump’s Media Attacks: ‘Channelling Chairman Mao and Joseph Stalin’

After Three Week Recovery Effort, Trump Tells Puerto Rico: We Can’t Stay Forever

Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan’s Account After Weinstein Tweets (UPDATED)

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