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Ben Affleck And The Disease Of ‘Feel-Good Limousine Liberalism’

Female High School Teacher Resigns After Charged With Raping Female Student

Has The Gay Marriage Slippery Slope Started? Slate Writer Calls for Legalizing Polygamy

Florida Atlantic University Professor Claims ‘Actors’ Possibly Used In Boston Bombing

New ‘Conservative’ Video Ad Pushing Gang of 8 Bill… Funded By Mark Zuckerberg?

Obama Administration Reportedly Deliberately Edited and Whitewashed Benghazi Talking Points

UPDATED: Top 10 Errors In The Gang of Eight’s Immigration Bill

First Rubio, Now Senator Jeff Flake Peddles Misinformation Regarding Immigration Bill

Marco Rubio’s New Tactic: Imply Immigration Bill’s Opponents Want To ‘Round Up’ And Deport All Illegals

The Blaze’s Buck Sexton In Explosive Exchange With Boston Suspects’ Aunt: ‘Two Terrorists: One Down, One To Go’

Pat Buchanan To Sean Hannity: Illegal Aliens ‘Ought To Be In The Shadows!’

Is Sen. Rubio’s Staff Misleading The Public On The Immigration Bill’s Contents? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Rubio Blasts Breitbart News Report Of Free Phones For Immigrants As ‘False And Reckless’

Did Louis C.K. Imply Pedophiles Are Gay Men In His Latest HBO Special?

Fox News Panelists Note Progress In Media Coverage Of Fox’s Jana Winter

Bill Maher Ignorantly Rants Against The Cuban Embargo, Adding Himself To The List Of Useful Idiots

Sean Hannity, Kirsten Powers, And Tucker Carlson Clash On Obama’s Tax Returns… And Biden’s Old Underwear?

Everything You Need To Know About Kermit Gosnell And The Abortion ‘House Of Horrors’ Trial

Why Is Wikipedia Considering Deleting The Article On Abortion ‘House Of Horrors’ Doctor?

O’Reilly Blasts Columbia’s Hiring Of Weather Underground ‘Radical’ And Left’s ‘Stranglehold’ On Academia

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