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Violence Spreads To Tel Aviv As Bus Explosion Leaves 22 Injured

CNN Panel Wonders If Rupert Murdoch Tweet Was ‘Machiavellian’ Fox Marketing Or ‘Crazy Uncle, Firing Off’

Watch: Maine News Anchors Cindy Michaels And Tony Consiglio Resign Live On Air

Joe Scarborough (Sort Of) Apologizes To The NY Times‘ Nate Silver

NY Times’ Nate Silver Explains Why Some Polls Had GOP Bias: It’s ‘Not Because Pollsters Are Evil Partisans’

Rudy Giuliani On Violence In Gaza: ‘Without A Doubt A Proxy War’ By Iran

Picture Of Mitt Romney Pumping His Own Gas Makes A Splash On Reddit

Petraeus Biographer Paula Broadwell’s Emails To Jill Kelley Allegedly Threatened To Make Her ‘Go Away’

Teen Charged With Manslaughter Can Avoid Jail… If He Goes To Church

Sen. Ayotte On Benghazi Intel: Do They Think We’re Stupid Enough Believe They Were Trying To ‘Dupe’ Al-Qaeda?

Joe Scarborough On Susan Rice, Candy Crowley, And Intel Community: Why Can’t They Get The Story Straight?

Israel’s Ambassador Deletes, Corrects Tweet Signaling Israel’s Willingness To Sit Down With Hamas

Local Boston Station Uses An Unfortunately-Angled Plane Photo To Highlight Story On Airport Bars

Startled Obama Secret Service Agents Mistake Water Monitors For Komodo Dragons

Melissa Harris-Perry To Bobby Jindal: If All You Want Is To Reach Higher Office, Pull A Palin And ‘Quit Now’

Sen.-Elect Ted Cruz: ‘I’m Pretty Certain Mitt Romney Actually French-Kissed Barack Obama’ In Third Debate

Joe Scarborough Surprised That GOP Would Nominate A ‘Thurston Howell, III Republican’ In 2012

Roger Ailes On Fox News’ Election Coverage: ‘Rove Was Wrong… Our Guys Were Right’

Geraldo Enters Into Shoutfest With Fox & Friends Hosts Over Integrity Of ‘American Napoleon’ David Petraeus

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