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Trump Suggests RNC Violating Loyalty Pledge: ‘That Wasn’t the Deal!’

Ben Carson Jokes: Nobody Listens to My Foreign Policy Ideas, Then Obama Uses Them

Axelrod: Here’s How Obama Bungled Refugee Response

Donald Trump: I Would ‘Absolutely’ Bring Back Waterboarding

‘Chuck, You Need to Calm Down’: Kasich Explains Plan for Judeo-Christian Department

Passengers Say Christie Was Threatened on Boston-Bound Flight, Campaign Denies It (UPDATED)

Carson: Database Should Include All Americans and Immigrants, Not Just Muslims

FBN’s Varney Explodes at Dem Rep over Refugees: ‘Will You Answer the Question?!’

FBI Director: U.S. ‘Not Aware’ of Credible Paris-Type Threat

Rand Paul Talks to Mediaite About His Media Strategy and Dishonest Reporters

Fox’s Shep Smith Tears Into ‘Political Extremists’ Refusing Refugees: This Isn’t Who We Are

Associated Press Scolds State Dept for Slow Document Production

Huckabee to Paul Ryan: Stop the ‘Importation’ of Refugees, or Resign

Manhunt Currently Underway for Paris Attack Suspect

Sarah Palin: Katie Couric’s Newspaper Question in 2008 Was ‘Fair’

CBS Democratic Debate Draws 8.5 Million Viewers

White House: ‘Jihadi John’ Strike Proves Our Commitment to Dismantling ISIS

Carson on China in Syria: ‘My Sources Are Better’ Than Obama Admin

Duck Dynasty Star Appears in Vitter Ad: ‘He’s Made Some Mistakes, But Who Hasn’t?’

Carson: If Russian Planes Violate a No-Fly Zone, ‘Shoot Them Down’

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