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Trump Suggests RNC Violating Loyalty Pledge: ‘That Wasn’t the Deal!’

Ben Carson Jokes: Nobody Listens to My Foreign Policy Ideas, Then Obama Uses Them

Axelrod: Here’s How Obama Bungled Refugee Response

Donald Trump: I Would ‘Absolutely’ Bring Back Waterboarding

‘Chuck, You Need to Calm Down’: Kasich Explains Plan for Judeo-Christian Department

Passengers Say Christie Was Threatened on Boston-Bound Flight, Campaign Denies It (UPDATED)

Carson: Database Should Include All Americans and Immigrants, Not Just Muslims

FBN’s Varney Explodes at Dem Rep over Refugees: ‘Will You Answer the Question?!’

FBI Director: U.S. ‘Not Aware’ of Credible Paris-Type Threat

Rand Paul Talks to Mediaite About His Media Strategy and Dishonest Reporters

Fox’s Shep Smith Tears Into ‘Political Extremists’ Refusing Refugees: This Isn’t Who We Are

Associated Press Scolds State Dept for Slow Document Production

Huckabee to Paul Ryan: Stop the ‘Importation’ of Refugees, or Resign

Manhunt Currently Underway for Paris Attack Suspect

Sarah Palin: Katie Couric’s Newspaper Question in 2008 Was ‘Fair’

CBS Democratic Debate Draws 8.5 Million Viewers

Mourners Panic at Memorial for Paris Attacks, Police Approach with Guns Drawn

Video Shows Horrifying Moment Gunfire Interrupted Concert at Bataclan

White House: ‘Jihadi John’ Strike Proves Our Commitment to Dismantling ISIS

Carson on China in Syria: ‘My Sources Are Better’ Than Obama Admin

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