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2012 FLASHBACK: Karl Rove Causes Fox News Chaos By Challenging Obama Victory Projection

A Farewell Note from Your Humble Editor-in-Chief

Now It’s War: Fox News Slams Trump in Response to ‘Boycott’

Colbert Corners Cruz: How Can You Be Like Reagan When You Oppose ‘Amnesty’?

Madonna Brings Anderson Cooper On-Stage and Spanks Him

Chuck Todd Gets 5PM MSNBC Show, Kate Snow Gets 2-Hour Daytime Block

Fox’s Jenna Lee Responds to Conan Comparing Her to Porn Stars

Fox’s Oliver North: ‘How Do You Spell Genocide? O-B-A-M-A’

WATCH: Anti-Gay Marriage Protester Shouts at Lesbian Couple While Kim Davis Hides in Her Office

Huckabee Responds to Report His Aide Blocked Cruz from Speaking at Kim Davis Event

Huckabee Aide Reportedly Blocked Ted Cruz from Speaking to Kim Davis Crowd

Hillary to ABC: Using Private Server ‘Was a Mistake’ and ‘I’m Sorry’

Judge Orders Kim Davis Be Released from Jail

Freddie Gray Family Reportedly Gets $6.4M from Baltimore

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Questions Judgment of ‘News Celebrity’ Megyn Kelly

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Battles Howard Dean over Hillary Emails

WATCH: Canadian Politician Caught Peeing in Homeowner’s Coffee Mug

Police Seek Former WDBJ Reporter Bryce Williams in Connection to Journalist Slayings

This Man Shot 2 Journalists on Live TV, Can You Help Identify Him?

Train Hero’s Dad to MSNBC: ‘PC Crowd Needs to Recognize Terrorism for What It Is’

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