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A Journalist’s Best Friend? New App To Verify Authenticity Of Photos, Videos And Audio In Development

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Re-Elected Democratic Party Chair

Internal Memo: CNN’s Jeff Zucker Tells Staff Possibilities Are ‘Limitless’ And To Think ‘Broadly’

Harry Reid Vows Filibuster Reform Is At The Top Of New Congress Agenda

Unbelievable: Chinese Weightlifter Can Carry 9 Pounds… On His Eyelids

Mitt Romney Receives Dubious Honor Of Having His Portrait Placed In A Gallery Of Presidential Losers

Local Republican Party Head Hangs Upside Down American Flag In Protest Of Obama’s Inauguration

Tuskegee Veteran: Obama Is ‘Very Special,’ ‘God Put Him Here Just Like He Did Moses’

Mitt Romney (Remember Him?) Was MIA On Inauguration Day, ‘Doubtful’ He’d Watch

Wolf Blitzer: Obama ‘Surprised Me,’ Used ‘Very, Very Forceful’ Words In Inaugural Speech

Lawmaker Arrested For Threatening To Shoot Colleague, Found With Loaded Gun

Joe Scarborough On Meet The Press: Republicans Only Won The House By Gerrymandering

Rand Paul: GOP Must ‘Evolve And Adapt’ Or Risk Becoming A ‘Permanent Minority Party’

Fox’s Brit Hume: Obama’s ‘Amazing’ Election ‘Machine’ Was ‘The Greatest Political Organization’ In History

CNN And Fox Carry Joe Biden’s Invocation, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Talks Over it

Chris Wallace Grills Obama Advisor: Why Won’t Obama ‘Challenge’ Hollywood On Violence?

GOP Senator John Barrasso: Gun Control Bills Won’t Pass In Congress, Reid Won’t Bring Vote

President Obama Officially Sworn-In For Second Term, Tells Youngest Daughter Sasha ‘I Did It’

GOP Senator: Obama Tried To ‘Exploit’ Newtown Tragedy ‘Within Minutes’

Vice President Joe Biden Sworn In For Second Term

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