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CNN’s KFile Accuses Tucker Carlson of Spreading ‘Lies’ About Him

Former CNN Legend Larry King: CNN is ‘Not a News Network’

Michael Avenatti Suggests Jacob Wohl Behind Domestic Violence Arrest: ‘First Mueller Now Me’

Trump Supporter Interrupts Fiddler on the Roof Performance Shouting ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’

LGBT Migrant Group First Part of Caravan to Arrive at US-Mexico Border

CNN’s Brian Stelter Commends ‘News Side’ at Fox News For Defending Jim Acosta

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Hits Amazon: Competition For New HQ Was a ‘Beauty Pageant,’ And They Picked the ‘Hottest Girls in School’

Former ICE Director Tom Homan Thanks Fox News For Defending Agency Against ‘Abolish ICE’ Movement

Trump Nominates Retired Army General John Abizaid as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Trump Leaves Hindus Out of Diwali Tweets Twice, Earning Fact Check From Twitter

Monica Lewinsky Tells the Blue Dress Story: I Thought it ‘Could Be Spinach Dip or Something’

Alex Trebek Sounds Off in New Interview, Talks Trump, Hannity, Says #MeToo Era ‘Scary Time for Men’

Twitter Flips Out After Facebook Crashes for Many Users

Ryan Zinke Calls Report He’s Ready to Leave Trump’s Cabinet ‘BS’

California Gov. Jerry Brown: Climate Change Deniers Are ‘Contributing’ to Wildfire ‘Tragedies’

Mika Brzezinski: There’s ‘Sexual Connotation’ in Trump’s Attacks Against Women Reporters

Trump Baselessly Continues Florida Voter Fraud Claims: ‘Honest Vote Count No Longer Possible’

Leaked Audio, Chats Reveal How Axios Handled Jonathan Swan-Trump Interview Controversy: ‘Sh*tshow’

CNN Stands By Reporter Abby Phillip After Trump Insults Her For ‘Stupid’ Question

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur Argues: ‘The Bible is Actually Pro-Abortion’

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