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Mediaite Hiring a Full-Time Writer

Mika Reacts to Trump’s N.K. Tweet: ‘You Are Not a Child. You Are a 70-Year-Old Man. Stop.’

WATCH: British Tourist Attacked by Nepalese Woman After Haggling Over A Cup of Tea

Gingrich: Surveillance Under Obama ‘Most Egregious Abuse of the Criminal Justice in American History’

Judge Napolitano Suggests Paul Manafort May Have Been Wiretapped to Help Hillary

NYT’s Ken Vogel: WH Staff Worried that Mueller Has Colleagues ‘Wearing a Wire’

Brian Stelter: Did the Emmys Normalize Sean Spicer’s ‘Usual Dishonest Behavior’?

Tomi Lahren Rails on Protestors of a Ben Shapiro Speech — That Mostly Occurred Without Incident

Rep. Steve King: Looks Like Trump’s ‘Preparing to Keep Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Promise’

WATCH: President Trump Addresses DACA Deal: ‘The Wall Will Come Later’

Fox & Friends: Trump’s Reported DACA Deal Makes ‘Republicans in Congress Look Really Bad’

Instant Regret: Man Tries — and Fails Spectacularly — to Capture an Alligator With Bare Hands

Blurring Lines? Chris Cuomo Connects Hurricane Victims with Families…While Cameras Roll

Yes, Hillary Clinton Wrote a Book, Defended Herself and Made Money. Spare Me the Fake Outrage

They Forgot?! NY Post Print Edition Barely Mentions 9/11…on 9/11

WATCH: Bear Cub Rescued from Forrest Fire Refuses to Let Go of Rescuer

Geraldo: Trump Changed his Mind on DACA After Seeing My Plea on Fox & Friends

Mulvaney: Trump’s Just as Frustrated with GOP Establishment as ‘Ordinary Republican’ Voters

Steve Doocy: Trump’s Debt Deal with Dems Reveals ‘There are Now Three Parties’ in D.C.

Trump for Dummies: The Ultimate Guide For Responding to Friends Who Still LOVE Trump

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