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Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Accuses Atlanta Mayor Of ‘Antifa Tactics’

LEGAL ANALYSIS: Kellyanne Conway Definitely Violated Federal Law By Slamming Roy Moore’s Opponent

Joe Biden Apparently Made a Locker Room Promise to Make Sure Anita Hill’s Testimony was ‘Very Quick’

Substitute Teacher Admitted to Having Sex With Multiple Students, Police Say (VIDEO)

‘Get What They Ask For’: Police Union Suggests College Should Suffer Mass Shooting After Students Snub Officers

Woman With ‘F**k Trump’ Bumpersticker Adds Local Sheriff’s Name After Being Arrested

Manspreader Tossed Off Train After Punching Woman Who Complained (WATCH)

Jerry Jones Makes Bizarre Comment About ‘A Black Girl’ (WATCH)

Anti-Gay Republican Resigns After Allegedly Being Caught Having Gay Sex In His Office

Man Who Believes Mueller Wants to Kill Him Just Tried To Intervene in Russia Probe

Texas Sheriff Going After Pickup Truck Owner With ‘F**k’ Trump Bumpersticker

Sheriff’s Deputy Resigns After Posting Offensive Picture On Social Media

This Video Of Joe Biden Getting Way Too Close To Young Girls Is Disturbing (WATCH)

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Tells Native American Activists He’d Like To Put Them ‘In The Ground’

Judge Reprimanded After Telling Jurors She ‘Did Not Believe The Victim Was Raped At All’

Fmr White House Lawyer: Trump May Be Witness Tampering With Nomination of Federal Judge

Teacher Suspended After Muslim Student’s Hijab Forcibly Removed (VIDEO)

Roy Moore Cast The Sole Vote In Favor Of A Man Who Raped A Four-Year-Old

Philly Cops Say They Want To ‘Bitch Slap’ The City’s New District Attorney

Alabama Republican Defends Roy Moore: ‘Mary Was a Teenager and Joseph Was an Adult’

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