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Hate for Megyn Kelly is Everything That’s Wrong With America Today

Blame Criminal Defense Attorneys For Paving The Way For Trump Media Attacks

UTA and Mediaite Buck Trend, Plan Major Celebration For White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Blame Criminal Defense Attorneys For Paving The Way For Trump Media Attacks

New Live Trial Video Network Coming From LawNewz

It’s Official, Mediaite Now Amongst Largest Sites in America

It’s Time to Pardon Billy Bush

With Media and Politics Taking Center Stage, Mediaite Welcomes Record Traffic

Nikki Finke to Join Mediaite as Senior Columnist

Now Even Google Search Aiding in Scourge of Fake, Inaccurate News About Election 2016

The System IS Rigged, Which Is Why It’s Finally Time to Retire The Electoral College

Mediaite and LawNewz Surpass 10 Million Unique Monthly Visitors in October, Set All Time Traffic Records

Yes The Media Hates Donald Trump (and Yes They Lean Left!) But No It’s Not Bias

NY Times Story on Increased Anti-Islam Violence Avoids Far Bigger Problem With Attacks on Other Minorities

Dear Secretary Powell: I Would Like to Apologize For Publicizing Your Private Emails Continues Record-Breaking Traffic in July

Mediaite to Add Entertainment, Food and Sports Coverage, More Original Video and Columnists

No, Trump’s Attack on Hispanic Judge Not a Two Sided Issue Requiring Media ‘Balance’

If Hillary’s Not Charged, Don’t Dare Accuse FBI Director Comey of Politicization

Now Even 60 Minutes Misstating Supreme Court’s Citizens United Ruling

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