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The Kardashian Sisters Reportedly Visited a Los Angeles Planned Parenthood to Meet With Leaders

You Can Now Decorate Your Yard with Sean Spicer Lawn Ornaments

Trump’s Lawyers Saying He Had No Income From Russia ‘With Few Exceptions’ Is the Internet’s New Favorite Joke

The Name Caitlyn Plummeted in Popularity More Than Any Other Name Last Year

This Week’s New Yorker Cover is Absolutely Brilliant

This Exists: ‘Avocado Hand’ is Now an Actual, Real, Diagnosable Injury

Fake Trump Vs. Fake Trump: Anthony Atamanuik Talks About His Feud With Alec Baldwin

MSNBC Contributor: ‘The Administration in Veep Was Far More Competent’ Than President Trump’s

Neil deGrasse Tyson Accidentally Tweets About That Time He Fell While Trying to Take Off His Pants

Chris Pratt’s Parks and Recreation Character is Ready to Replace James Comey

‘It’s a Real Possibility’: Dwayne Johnson Might Actually Run for President

‘Hosting a CNN Roast Isn’t Helping Your Cause’: The Daily Show Mocks Jake Tapper

Shocker: Woman Who Went Viral for Anti-Muslim Remarks Says Video Was Taken Out of Context

Orange Is The New Black Star Calls Out Ageism, Sexism in Hollywood in Twitter Rant

That Tweet About Chicken Nuggets Just Broke Ellen DeGeneres’s Record

‘He’s Not a Racist’: Steve Bannon’s Former Hollywood Partner Speaks Out

‘A Very Good Drug Addict’: Watch Chelsea Handler Struggle to Say Nice Things About Charlie Sheen, Others

Lena Dunham Slams US Weekly for Using Her Image to Promote ‘Diet Tips’

Chuck Lorre Took a Ratings Shot at Trump After Last Night’s Big Bang Theory

Kanye West’s Twitter and Instagram Accounts Are Gone

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