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Trumpers Outraged by Robert De Niro — But Cheered When Ted Nugent Did Worse

Trump Praises AT&T Bonuses…But Silent About AT&T’s Recent Layoffs

Donald Trump Jr. Should Be Required to Testify in Public

Trump’s Despicable Double Standard on Sexual Misconduct

Republicans Only Believe Women Who Make Accusations Against Democrats

President Trump is Making the Democratic Party Great Again!

Donald Trump is the GOP and the GOP is Donald Trump

Trump Despicably Plays Golf Instead of Attending Funeral of Sgt. La David Johnson

Sharia Law has Come to America!

Trump to Mayor of San Juan: Be Grateful for What I Give You – Now I Have to Play Golf

The Emmy’s Normalization of Sean Spicer Dangerously Rewarded A White House Official Who Lied

The Right’s Hypocrisy Over Jemele Hill’s Freedom of Expression Is Exactly as Expected

Hey Media: Call out Trump’s Hurricane Hypocrisy When He Visits Texas!

Trump’s Predictable Hypocrisy Regarding Terrorism Is Exactly What His Base Wants

Yashar Ali: Eric Bolling’s Sexting Victims Were ‘Traumatized By It’

Why Won’t Sebastian Gorka Say the Words ‘Right Wing Terrorism’?!

Hey Democratic Leaders: Stop Listening to Focus Groups and Start Listening to Your Base

Incitement to Political Violence Started with Trump…and Can End With Him

Comedic Jujutsu: Stephen Colbert’s Hilarious Reverse-Troll of Trump!

The One Group That Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been Great For? Progressives

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