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FLASHBACK – Donald Trump Address His ‘Haters’: ‘They Were Born F*cked Up!’

Geraldo: Put Taylor Swift in Charge of the Federal Government

Fox News Contributor Claims Family Guy Creator Hit on Her at Gas Station

Ed Schultz and Dana Loesch to Fight About Something, We Just Don’t Know What

Black Washington Post Columnist Dismisses ‘Made-Up Black Holiday’ Kwanzaa

Greta Joins the Masses, Gets Frustrated with Apple

The View Ladies Agree: Woman Slapped by Man in Viral Video Deserved it

Fox’s Ed Henry Gripes About ‘Coward’ Chinese President While in China

Donna Brazile Inadvertently Says Something Sexist While Decrying Sexism

Jonathan Gruber to MSNBC: My ‘Stupidity of the American Voter’ Remark was Inappropriate

Even N.Y. Times Thought Obama Looked ‘Goofy’ in the Chinese Suit

O’Reilly, Brit Hume Have Fun Time Mocking Obama’s Chinese Garb

Some Chinese Offended by ‘Rapper’ Obama Chewing Gum During State Visit

Lisa Kudrow Has Absolutely No Idea There’s a ‘Republican War on Women’

Monica Lewinsky Poses for Selfie with Real Houswives Stars

Media Critic Michael Wolff on MSNBC: No One ‘Eager’ to Watch the ‘Obama Show’

Valerie Jarrett Should Leave White House to Be a Librarian, Says Politico Piece

GOP Already Officially Soliciting Donations to ‘Stop Hillary’ in 2016

Joan Walsh Undercuts Her Entire Dumb Column with One Line

Krauthammer: GOP Didn’t ‘Win’ Midterms; the Dems ‘Lost’ It

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