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Dentist Who Shot Cecil the Lion Defends Trophy Kill: ‘I Had No Idea’

Hillary Dodges Keystone Question at NH Town Hall: I’ll Let You Know Later

Giant Spider Photobombs TV Newscast; The End Is Near?

Sarah Silverman: ‘Would Be Insane’ Not to Use Fetal Tissue for Research

RNC Spox on Huckabee: ‘Not Our Job’ to Tell Candidates How to Talk

Huckabee: Jews ‘Overwhelmingly Supportive’ of My Holocaust Remark

Mika v Huckabee, Round 2: Republicans ‘Don’t Have the Guts’ to Condemn Him

Obama: If I Ran Again, ‘I Would Win’

Outside Prosecutor Assigned to Sandra Bland Investigation

Hasselbeck: Could Sandra Bland Have Attacked Cop with Her Cigarette?

NY Times Public Editor: Clinton Email Story Was a ‘Mess’

Trump Campaign Head Supports Huckabee’s ‘Oven’ Comment

‘America’s Rapist’: NY Mag, NY Daily News Covers Savage Cosby

Huckabee Really Doubling Down on Iran/Holocaust Link

Obama Fires Back at Huckabee over Iran Comments: ‘Ridiculous if It Weren’t So Sad’

Nate Silver Takes Shot at Vox for Aggregating NYMag’s Cosby Story

John McCain to GOP: Don’t Gang up on Trump

Snoop Dogg Goes off on Swedish Authorities for Weed Arrest: ‘They Didn’t Find Sh*t’

Gawker’s Denton Sends Memo to Staff Pledging Changes, Civility: ‘The Yelling Is Over’

Chuck Todd: Clinton’s Favorability Ratings ‘Dismal’

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