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How to Watch Today’s Total Solar Eclipse

All of Taylor Swift’s Social Media Is Now a Blank Space

Durham County Closes Downtown Offices Amid Rumors of White Supremacist Rally

Emergency Management Division Warns Lizard Man Sightings May Occur During Solar Eclipse

Schwarzenegger to Nazis: ‘Your Idols Are Resting In Hell’

CNN’s Angela Rye: Statues of Washington, Jefferson and Lee ‘All Need to Come Down’

It’s Gotten So Bad for Trump That Bettors are Giving Nearly Even Odds on Impeachment

Bonkers CNN Debate Between Kate Bolduan and GOP Senate Candidate: ‘Stop Talking! Stop Talking!’

How to Watch the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse on 8/21

Shep Smith: We Haven’t Yet Found ‘The Very Fine People Protesting With the White Supremacists’

Chicago Sun Times Declares on Front Page Trump ‘Fake President … Disgrace to Office’

WATCH: Memorial for Heather Heyer, Woman Killed at Charlottesville LIVE STREAM

What is a Quisling and Why Is it Trending on Twitter?

John Kasich is Worried About the ‘Pathetic’ State of the Presidency

Twitter Freaks Out Over Trump’s Derailed Press Event: ‘Burns Bridges at Infrastructure Presser’

WATCH: President Trump Gives Statement About American Infrastructure LIVE STREAM

Woman Killed in Charlottesville Used as Martyr in Warsaw Anti-Fascist Protest

Lorde Blames ‘All White People’ After Charlottesville Violence

WATCH: President Trump Signs China’s Intellectual Property Laws Memorandum LIVE STREAM

J.D. Vance: White Nationalists Not Just ‘Knuckle-Dragging Slack-Jawed Yokels’

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