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George Will: Dems Mistakenly Think Problem Is Messaging Not Policies

Flashback: Chris Matthews Tells Glenn Beck He’s “A Great Guy”

Keith Olbermann Breaks Twitter Silence: “Greetings From Exile!”

Fox News Sunday Debates Whether Nancy Pelosi Is Like Winston Churchill

Report: Olbermann Was Suspended For Refusing To Apologize On Camera

Obama On 60 Minutes: “Leadership Isn’t Just Legislation”

Frank Rich: Why Is Obama Always In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

A Sarah Palin ‘Favored’ Tweet…May Be Racist Against Obama?

Rachel Maddow: Don’t Kid Yourselves, There’s Not Going To Be Any Compromise

If Election Were Held Today Obama Would Lose To Huckabee And Romney But Trump Palin

Sarah Palin Celebrates Midterm Victories With New Video: Congratulations America!

Glenn Beck Sums Up This Year’s Midterms….With Puppets

Chris Matthews: “Don’t Compare Any Human Being To Glenn Beck”

Giuliani On The View: There Will Be Plenty Of GOP Candidates Without Sarah Palin

While You Were Voting: Explosive Packages Sent To Leaders In Europe

How Do You Spell Lisa Murkowski? ‘Write-In’ Votes Lead In Alaska

Kerry Bashes Media’s Predictions On Reid: ‘Hell, All The Pundits Were Wrong!’

Chris Matthews To Michele Bachmann: “Has Someone Hypnotized You?”

Christine O’Donnell’s Concession Speech: ‘We’ve Got A Lot Of Food, We’ve Got The Room All Night’

Rand Paul’s Victory Speech: It’s A Tea Party Tidal Wave

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