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Barbara Walters Learns What ‘Smoosh’ Means During Interview With Jersey Shore Cast

Julian Assange’s Lawyers Say He Could Be Indicted In The U.S. For Spying

Oprah Refuses To Answer Barbara Walters On Whether Sarah Palin Is Qualified To Be President

The Hoff Will Be Hasseled No More: The Hasselhoffs Canceled After Two Episodes

Jersey Shore Meets Fear Factor: MTV To Put Snooki In A Ball, Then Drop It To Ring In The New Year

Comedy Central Unveils A Cool Yet Vaguely Sterile New Logo

Zuckerberg, Bloomberg And 14 Other Billionaires Pledge To Donate Majority Of Their Fortunes To Charity

Social Network Sequel? Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss Have Sued Mark Zuckerberg Again

Christine O’Donnell Is Forming Her Very Own Political Action Committee

Rachel Maddow Tears Down President Obama On Tax ‘Compromise,’ Point By Point

Bill O’Reilly Tells Fox Correspondent James Rosen He’s Taking Obama’s ‘Hostage Takers’ Comment Too Literally

Pat Buchanan To Chris Matthews: Letting All Citizens Vote ‘Isn’t The Greatest Idea In The World’

Confused About The Sex Charges Against Julian Assange? Let Beck And His Blackboard Explain

Hunters Say Recent SPAlaska Episode Proves Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know Squat About Hunting

Julian Assange Compares Himself To Rupert Murdoch In Editorial For The Australian

Colbert Advises Print Media: ‘Find The Last Places On Earth That Don’t Know Print Is Dying’

Texas GOP Bigwig Objects To Jewish House Speaker, “Got Into Politics To Put Christian Conservatives Into Office”

Watch Kathy Griffin Joke About Deformities In Front Of Battle-Weary Soldiers

Finally! That Mongolian Edition Of Cosmo We’ve All Been Waiting For

Glenn Beck Imagines An Al Gore Presidency For New York Magazine

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