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Jeremy Renner Hilariously Runs Out Of Arrows During SNL Avengers Spoof

Chris Christie And His Fleece Visit SNL, Lets Loose On Mayors

On SNL, Wolf Blitzer And CNN Crew Stalk Tampa Socialite Jill Kelley

SNL’s Paula Broadwell Reads Sexually Graphic Passages From Her Book All In

Van Jones Rips GOP, Likens Keystone Pipeline To Heroin Needle

Red Eye Asks If Obama Has Lost ‘Obama Girl’, Has He Lost The Nation?

Al Gore Mocks Dana Loesch On Twitter, Then Quickly Deletes It

Don Rickles Shocks Audience With Racially Charged Joke About Obama

Soledad O’Brien Confronts FL Secretary Of State Over Voter Roll Purging Controversy

Colbert Praises Romney As ‘Hella Chill’ For Not Narcing Out Pothead On His Beach Property

Colbert Clashes With Colbert Show Union Over Celebrating Scott Walker Victory

Penn Jillette & Gary Johnson Lament NY’s Marijuana Decriminalization Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Andy Samberg Delivers Hilarious PSA About Why You Shouldn’t Eat People

The Biggest Obama Gaffes Caught On Tape

Lucky Fifth Grader Explains Skipping School With President Obama’s Note

Matt Lauer Grills Bloomberg Over Banning Large Sodas Yet Celebrating Donuts

Stephen Colbert Is Forced To Execute His Giant Pet Soda Over Bloomberg’s Supersized Soda Ban

Zombie Apocalypse? Mom Disputes Face-Eating Son Was A ‘Zombie’

Rush Limbaugh: Wolf Blitzer And CNN ‘Set Up’ Trump For Birther Debate

John Sununu Spars With Soledad O’Brien Over Trump: ‘Why Is CNN So Fixated On This?’

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