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Daily News Learns Teenager Picked ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Location, Awkwardness Ensues

Party Pooper Bacteria May Ruin President Obama’s Vacation… Literally

Facebook Launches Its Own Version of Foursquare: Facebook Places

Fareed Zakaria Leaving Newsweek for Time

NYT Examines Rising Trend of “Failure to Launch” 20-Somethings…For 10 Pages

Fox CT Reporters Assaulted Outside Courthouse (Or, How Not To Improve Your Criminal Record)

So North Korea Has a Twitter Account Now…

Summer Story: NPR Analyzes Pres. Obama’s Oratorical Tics

New York Times Grills Pres Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy in Full Page Editorial

Mike Huckabee Doesn’t Support Repealing 14th Amendment But Still Supports DREAM Act

CNN: Birther Conspiracy Not As Great As Van Buren’s Corset Problems

Awkward Alert: Sen. McCain Thinks Snooki Is “Too Good Looking To Go to Jail”

New Study: Left-Handed Politicians Have Upper Hand On TV

Trade Martin Protests Ground Zero Mosque Through Song. Badly.

Libertarian Rand Paul Doesn’t Like Libertarian Label

Michelle Obama Compared to Marie Antoinette

Seth MacFarlane On Arizona’s Immigration Law, Gay Marriage And Today’s Culture

Colorado GOP Gubernatorial Candidate: Bicycling is Part of Evil “U.N. Community” Building Plot

This Exists: “Another Brick In The Wall” Remake For Iranian Protesters

Conservative “Tea Party Casualty” Bob Inglis: Calling Obama “A Socialist” Hurts The Country

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