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Maxine Waters Tells The View: After We Impeach Trump, We Should Go After Pence Next

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Introduces New Muslim Character in Response to President Trump

American Airlines Investigates ‘Transphobic’ Flight Attendants Following Lena Dunham Complaint

Cenk Uygur Goes There With Porn Star Jenna Jameson: ‘I Remember Watching you Getting Destroyed, Too’

Tucker Carlson: Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Is Just Trump’s Platform From the 2016 Election

Eric Bolling: ‘Trump Has Fixed Most of the Obama Failures’

Shep Smith Says Trump ‘Misrepresented the Truth’ About Australian PM Call: ‘The Media Did Not Lie’

Trump Denies Calling The White House A Dump: ‘TOTALLY UNTRUE’

Tucker Carlson Mocks ‘Buffoon’ Jim Acosta: ‘Utterly Ignorant on the Subject of Immigration’

American Conservative Union’s Matt Schlapp: Jeff Flake Shouldn’t Claim to Speak for Conservatives

Huckabee Sanders Hits Back at Jeff Flake: Focus More on Legislation Than ‘Attacking the President’

College Reinstates Professor Who Said To Let White People ‘F***ing Die’

Lawrence O’Donnell: Jared Kushner’s Job Is to Protect Trump’s Failing Mental Health

Greg Gutfeld Blasts Sanctuary Cities: ‘It Gives Rapists Space to Rape’

Joy Reid Says Trump Success Based On Embracing ‘Anger and Rage’ From ‘Rush Limbaugh’

MRC’s Brent Bozell Mocks ‘Imposter’ Jeff Flake Over His Conscience of a Conservative Book

Corey Lewandowski: Trump Is ‘Greatest Communicator We Have Ever Seen’

Cenk Uygur Gets Rough Reception After Putting Down Audience In Debate with Ben Shapiro

Huckabee Chides Trump: ‘Sometimes he Steps on his Own Successes’

‘Trump in a Slump’: Drudge Shade Continues Amid POTUS Missteps

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